Principal’s Message 5/17/2020

Our last eLearning day will be on Monday, June 1st. This week’s chart will reflect eLearning days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Since Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day, next Sunday’s chart will reflect eLearning on Wednesday, Friday and Monday, June 1st.

Principal’s Message 4/26/2020

You can monitor your child’s progress via PowerSchool.  All children in grades 5-8 know how to access PowerSchool as Mrs. Trzaskowski has helped them learn how to do this while we were in school.  You can always ask them to access their grades if you are not sure how to log in yourself.  If you have students in lower grades and you need help logging into PowerSchool, please reach out to Mrs. Trzaskowski at ctrzaskowski@holycrosscrusaders.org and she can help you with this process.

We are continuing further outreach to students who normally received Title One services, special education services or students who teachers know could use some additional one-on-one help.   Please know that if you hear from your child’s teachers or one of the Title One teachers, it is important to reach back out so we can set up this additional layer of support for your child

Principal’s Message 4/3/2020

Yesterday afternoon, the Indiana State Superintendent Dr. Jennifer McCormick joined Governor Eric Holcomb to announce that all Indiana schools will remain closed for the rest of their academic school year.  The last day of school for us was supposed to be June 4, which means that for the rest of our school year our students will continue to learn as they have in the past couple of weeks with extended eLearning. 

We will be working these next few weeks to develop an 8th Grade Graduation plan that will be shared in the coming weeks. Our teachers, too, are especially heavy hearted because what they love most about their profession is being with students.

In the meantime, please know that we are committed as ever to our mission to give glory to God through the total education of each Holy Cross student!

Principal’s Message 3/29/2020

I appreciate the team effort to keep our students learning. We would love your input on how the first week’s eLearning went for your family.  Please complete this short survey at the following link:

eLearning Parent Feedback Survery

Tonight at 5:00 p.m., our teachers will be sending this week’s eLearning chart. Please remember that if you have any questions, you can reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher, Mrs. Curry or myself.  We will do our best to assist you. Many of our teachers are experimenting with recording short videos for their classes, which we will send out via private links.

Remember we will take attendance on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as official school days. Send your child’s homeroom teacher an email or a text via the Remind app indicating your child was present and working at any point in the day!