Teacher’s Corner

PreK, K, and 1st learn basic computer skills such as using the shift and enter keys, space bar and mouse skills.

2nd grade work on their Word skills and practicing the word “student”.  They need to know how to spell this word in order to log on to the computers. Second graders will be reinforcing their copy/paste skills by adding a picture.

3rd grade is introduced to home row keys for keyboarding skills. They learn copying, pasting, adding background and inserting text in a Word document.

4th- 6th grades work on Prezi presentations, a fabulous on line way to create a presentation. They work also work on File Managements skills.

7th – 8th grades work on their File Management skills.  This involves creating folders on their desktop, in documents, and in their Google drive. They also, work on Word, Excel and Google sheets.