Junior High

Junior high is a transitional phase and our goal here at Holy Cross is to engage students not just academically but spiritually as well. Our curriculum provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to become critical thinkers, independent learners, be prepared to succeed in high school and beyond.

The Holy Cross Junior High students follow the Indiana State Standards. Indiana Academic Standards

This year our Jr. High students (Grades 6-8) participated in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on Notre Dame’s campus. We were honored to be one of only a few local schools to receive an invitation by the Klau Center at the University of Notre Dame to attend The First Brave Step: A Conversation with Ruby Bridges at Debartolo Performing Arts Center. There, our students listened to Ruby Bridges share her story of integrating Louisiana schools as a six-year-old, surrounded by federal marshals. As an important figure in the civil rights movement, then and now, she spoke of the difficulty and beauty involved in embracing diversity and took particular care to challenge our students to do the same.