3rd Grade


Religion- In religion we use the Alive in Christ series to study the Church community and our roles within it.  We discuss the Blessed Trinity, building God’s kingdom, and important Saints and holy people, as well as a focus on the seven sacraments.  We attend a weekly All School Mass at 8:15 am on Thursdays, as well as Holy Days. Parents are invited to attend these student led Masses and enjoy our Junior High Choir. Students also participate in Adoration and Reconciliation services throughout the year.

Language Arts- Language arts class includes reading, English/writing, spelling, and phonics.  In reading we will be working on a variety of fiction and nonfiction stories and readings throughout the year.  Small group instruction, referred to as literacy circles, are also utilized and geared toward each student’s ability level.

In English we work on Daily Oral Language, and focus on writing complete sentences which give way to writing clear paragraphs.  Journal writing is completed each day.  Our formal writing pieces we master are narratives, persuasive writing, and informative writing.

Spelling consists of a combination of phonics pattern words and vocabulary which connects to the weekly reading unit.

Math- The math program utilized is the Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley Envision Math Common Core series and covers the topics found in the Indiana State Standards such as multi-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measurement, and geometry.

Science-In Science we use the Harcourt Science series along with hands-on science kits to work on third grade science topics such as sound, simple machines, rocks and minerals, cells, animal habitats, and plant life.

 Social Studies- The focus on third grade social studies is communities, using the Macmillian/McGraw-Hill Timelink series.  Current event topics are covered with a combination of Scholastic News and ReadWorks materials.